Care Guide for Bedding

All our fine bedding sets can be easily washed and are carefully made to last long. Please see the instructions below for optimal results.

Short Guide:

  • Wash at 30°C(86°F) or less
  • Avoid adding any other item in the same wash cycle.
  • Use a gentle wash cycle (Avoid heavy chemical detergents)
  • Air-dry when possible. Iron on a low heat. 
  • You can also place a cloth on the bedding set when ironing.
  • You can also add a spoon of salt to the first wash

Some sets need a different washing technique therefore priotise always what outlined on the label attached to the duvet cover.



Just like wine, our Egyptian cotton bedding sets get even better with time.
That's because the washing process helps to soften the extra-long fibers.

Try avoiding any other cloth or accessories when washing your set to preserve its beauty - especially if the color of the other items is darker.

By choosing a low water temperature (30° C) you'll prevent the bedding sets from shrinking. Please use a gentle detergent and avoid any chlorinated bleach. 

In the presence of evident stains on the sheets, we recommend trying to wash the interested area manually. It is recommended also choosing an extra rinse cycle to make sure that you’ve washed out all the detergent.


For optimal results and minimal to no-creases, please proceed the air drying option using a clothesline. Air drying helps also to mantain a vivid and lucent color.
If you choose to tumble dry, please make sure to select a low heat process and remove the sheets from the dryer as soon as the cycle is completed.
Taking care of your bedding sets properly will allow you to keep it for many years ahead.

Refer always to what mentioned on the label attached to the product.
We are not responsible for any damage provocated by a mistaken wash cycle or technique.